S6E09 Instructor Dash

In this week’s episode we talk with Lisa Chau Paus from Live Fire Instructions to talk about Instructor Dash website for instructors.

Today’s episode is also brought to you by the following:

Introducing Instructor Dash your all-in-one website / booking platform just for firearms instructors.
Does setting up your own website seem like a dauting task?
It’s easy in Instructor Dash by just following the setup wizard.
Instructors Dash streamlines all the administratives duties. 
appointment management – check
user-friendly dashboard – check
upsell opportunities – check
and even includes SMS/email alerts.
For your students class registration is efficient with simplified digital registration
What about support after you start? 
Every Friday there is a live training and Q&A for instructors via zoom that you can join and network with other industry professionals.
Check out InstrurctorDash.com

What do you want to be remembered for after you pass away?

  • Somebody who pushed the industry forward in all aspects

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