Welcome to the Firearm Trainer's Podcast hosted by Rob Beckman. This podcast exists to support the industry, the second amendment, and most importantly every firearm instructor in America.

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S7E21 Speaking to the Media

July 23, 2024

In this week’s episode we talk with Deb Ferns about talking with the media Today’s episode is also brought to you by the following: This episode is brought to you by LASR Classic trainerBreak the 180-degree plan by using LASR to setup a realistic shooting scenario for yourself or with others.  Dry fire practice is…


Firearm Trainer's Podcast For American Firearm Instructors
Firearm Trainer's Podcast For American Firearm Instructors
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A podcast dedicated to all firearm instructors in Military, Law Enforcement, and Civilian contexts. Content focuses on building a business as well as being a better instructor and helping more American Gun Owners become better prepared for active armed defense. Part of the ConcealedCarry.com network.