EP-016 Train Properly or Someone is Going to Get Hurt

Annete Evans discusses the need to properly train safely to avoid accidents that could potentially cost someone their life.

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  1. Kyle Barrington on July 3, 2019 at 9:00 am

    EP-016 Train Properly or Someone is Going to Get Hurt.

    A lack of instructor knowledge! There are a very few Special Forces units that require people to go down range while live fire is being conducted. This is done for advanced CQB needed for hostage rescue.

    I teach full time at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center and I am the Senior Instructor in charge of the Advanced Pistol Instructor and Advanced Pistol Training programs. Both 40 hour classes, also a Sig Academy Adjunct.

    I spent years in a US Army Special Forces Unit that required us to move around down range for CQB operations.

    This subject is due to lack of Instructor knowledge and Instructor qualifications. In the Law Enforcement and civilian world I have not met anyone with the situation awareness and CQB shooting ability to go down range.

    To many “instructors” over rate themselves and their ability and training. They want to be what they never where! They want to fulfill a void in their past and be an Instagram cool guy. .

    I see “experienced” officers from the field that are “field firearms instructors” for their agencies and the vast majority of these full time gun toters are not able to pass basic drills and understand the concepts of firearms instruction.

    The vast majority of firearms instructors are teaching well beyond their true ability. Do not confuse “accidental” with “negligent”! 99.9 of these type discharges are negligent. Negligent discharges is caused by the operator and not the firearm. It is difficult for civilian no automatic firearms to accidently discharge.

    Blue guns where designed because of a lack of awareness. Many of the current “safety” implements where designed because of dumbasses! Then the problem arises that if you will do it with a blue gun or training gun you will do it with a live gun. Instructors/ Students do not often give training aids the same respect that should and would be given to real firearms. This has created a training scar.

    Everything you discussed in this episode was caused by “instructors” not being knowledgeable and qualified enough to teach what they need to get students and keep them engaged so that they can make money.

    • Rob Beckman on July 5, 2019 at 2:47 pm

      Kyle thanks for the feedback and hopefully our listeners will take to heart the need to stay in their lanes and understand that when an instructor strays from safe training that someone gets hurt.

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